anduo wang

Associate Professor
Computer and Information Science, Temple University
SERC 342, N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

My research improves networked-systems with rigorous methods.

In particular, I consider semantic network management a new frontier in network advancement, and seek practical solutions by digging deeper into databases theories, while also borrowing heavily from knowledge representation and reasoning, programming languages, and formal methods. As computer networks become more programmable and complex, and as the networking community’s effort in adapting solutions from other disciplines (eg., operating system, software engineering) steadily grows, it becomes a good time to revisit classical as well as unconventional database notions, so as to make a practical impact deserved by the database theories’ true power, and to bring into network management a practical discipline that has been long sought-after.

My current and past projects (more at the Ravel project site) have been supported by several NSF awards (Award CNS-1909450, CNS 1657285, and NSF CAREER 2145242).

selected publications
Faure: A Partial Approach to Network Analysis, HotNets 2021 [paper] [slides]
Internet Routing and Non-monotonic Reasoning LPNMR 2019 [paper] [slides]
Ravel: A Database-Defined Network, SOSR’16 [paper] [slides] [demo]
A Reduction-based Approach Towards Scaling Up Formal Analysis of Internet Configurations, INFOCOM’14, [paper]
Formally Verifiable Networking, HotNets’09 [paper]
October, 2023: Structural Semantics Management: an Application of the Chase in Networking, MASCOTS23 [paper] [slides]
September, 2023: Demo: Structural Network Minimization: A Case of Reflective Networking, SIGCOMM demonstration
May, 2023: Indirect Network Troubleshooting with The Chase, APNet demonstration
July, 2022: CAREER: Logical Reasoning of Networks with Partial Knowledge, awarded
January, 2022: A Network Use for Incomplete Knowledge Management, CIDR 2022 [extended abstract] [slides]
November, 2021: Faure: A Partial Approach to Network Analysis, HotNets 2021 [paper] [slides]
August, 2021: Sarasate: A Strong Representation System for Networking Policies, SIGCOMM 2021 demo [Extended abstract]
July, 2021: Towards a Semantic Framework for Policy Exchange in the Internet, LFMTP 2021
June, 2021: Flexible Routing with Policy Exchange, APNet 2021 [paper] [slides]
May, 2020: Analyzing Internet Routing Policies with Answer Set Programming, TEASE-LP 2020 [paper] [slides]
March, 2020: A Case of Knowledge-driven Policy Management: Bringing Discipline to Internet Routing, SOSR 2020 [poster]
August, 2019: CNS Core: Small: Towards a Knowledge Plane for Coordinating Network Policies, awarded, (NSF link)
August, 2019: Rethinking Network Policy Coordination: A Database Perspective APNET 2019 [paper] [slides]
June, 2019: A Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning About Interdomain Routing Policies DATALOG 2.0 2019 [paper] [slides]
June, 2019: Internet Routing and Non-monotonic Reasoning LPNMR 2019 [paper] [slides]
April, 2019: Enabling Policy Innovation in Interdomain Routing: A Software-Defined Approach SOSR 2019 [paper] [slide]
November, 2018: Policy and Resource Orchestration in Software-Defined Networks CIC 2018
August, 2018: Towards Example-Guided Network Synthesis, APNet 2018 [paper] [slides]
April, 2018: A Semantic Approach to Modularizing SDN Software, Poster, NSDI 18 [extended abstract] [poster]
March, 2018: Database Criteria for Network Policy Chain, SDN-NFV Security 18
April, 2017: Automating SDN Composition: A Database Perspective, SOSR’17 [extended abstract] [poster]
March, 2017: Reflections on Data Integration for SDN, SDN-NFV Security 17 [short paper]
February, 2017: CRII: NeTS: Towards a database-defined network, awarded, (NSF link)
September 20, 2016: Access control for database-centered network (poster), selected for the poster awards of Sarnoff Symposium: Noemi Glaeser (the only undergraduate author) receiving the award
July 21, 2016: Noemi Glaeser’s REU report
June 17, 2016: SDN abstraction and security: a database perspective, invited talk, SoSSDN [slide]
June 16, 2016: NetSum: Mining Summaries of Network Configuration Changes, poster session, SoSSDN [poster]
May 31-July 25, 2016: Faculty mentor, REU at Temple
May 9-10, 2016: Irrelevance reasoning for software-defined networking at ExCAPE meeting [slide]
March 14, 2016: Ravel: A Database-Defined Network presented at SOSR’16 [paper] [slides] [demo]
March 14, 2016: Ravel v0.1 released
March, 2016: Ravel site up