anduo wang

Assistant professor
Computer and Information Science, Temple University
SERC 342, N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

My research interests center around improving networked-systems with rigorous methods.

In particular, in the battle with system complexity, if knowledge representation and logic reasoning give a deep answer, does networking make a profitable problem? My research (supported by the National Science Foundation Award CNS-1909450 and CNS 1657285) explores the pain points in today’s network analysis and management — such as unavailable information, uncertain environments, and non-monotonic dynamic behaviors — to motivate initial conjectures to this question. More technical details can also be found in the Ravel project.

I am recruiting PhD students. If you are interested in rigorous methods and challenging real-world problems — mathematics, database techniques, formal methods, programming languages, the long-standing Internet, and the exciting trends in today’s networks — check my research, cv, and drop me an email.

July, 2022: CAREER: Logical Reasoning of Networks with Partial Knowledge, awarded
January, 2022: A Network Use for Incomplete Knowledge Management, CIDR 2022 [extended abstract] [slides]
November, 2021: Faure: A Partial Approach to Network Analysis, HotNets 2021 [paper] [slides]
August, 2021: Sarasate: A Strong Representation System for Networking Policies, SIGCOMM 2021 demo [Extended abstract]
July, 2021: Towards a Semantic Framework for Policy Exchange in the Internet, LFMTP 2021
June, 2021: Flexible Routing with Policy Exchange, APNet 2021 [paper] [slides]
May, 2020: Analyzing Internet Routing Policies with Answer Set Programming, TEASE-LP 2020 [paper] [slides]
March, 2020: A Case of Knowledge-driven Policy Management: Bringing Discipline to Internet Routing, SOSR 2020 [poster]
August, 2019: CNS Core: Small: Towards a Knowledge Plane for Coordinating Network Policies, awarded, (NSF link)
August, 2019: Rethinking Network Policy Coordination: A Database Perspective APNET 2019 [paper] [slides]
June, 2019: A Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning About Interdomain Routing Policies DATALOG 2.0 2019 [paper] [slides]
June, 2019: Internet Routing and Non-monotonic Reasoning LPNMR 2019 [paper] [slides]
April, 2019: Enabling Policy Innovation in Interdomain Routing: A Software-Defined Approach SOSR 2019 [paper] [slide]
November, 2018: Policy and Resource Orchestration in Software-Defined Networks CIC 2018
August, 2018: Towards Example-Guided Network Synthesis, APNet 2018 [paper] [slides]
April, 2018: A Semantic Approach to Modularizing SDN Software, Poster, NSDI 18 [extended abstract] [poster]
March, 2018: Database Criteria for Network Policy Chain, SDN-NFV Security 18
April, 2017: Automating SDN Composition: A Database Perspective, SOSR’17 [extended abstract] [poster]
March, 2017: Reflections on Data Integration for SDN, SDN-NFV Security 17 [short paper]
February, 2017: CRII: NeTS: Towards a database-defined network, awarded, (NSF link)
September 20, 2016: Access control for database-centered network (poster), selected for the poster awards of Sarnoff Symposium: Noemi Glaeser (the only undergraduate author) receiving the award
July 21, 2016: Noemi Glaeser’s REU report
June 17, 2016: SDN abstraction and security: a database perspective, invited talk, SoSSDN [slide]
June 16, 2016: NetSum: Mining Summaries of Network Configuration Changes, poster session, SoSSDN [poster]
May 31-July 25, 2016: Faculty mentor, REU at Temple
May 9-10, 2016: Irrelevance reasoning for software-defined networking at ExCAPE meeting [slide]
March 14, 2016: Ravel: A Database-Defined Network presented at SOSR’16 [paper] [slides] [demo]
March 14, 2016: Ravel v0.1 released
March, 2016: Ravel site up